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Roots are a very common problem In Spokane, if your home is 30,40, or more years old I recommend snaking and Inspecting your sewer line, Preventative maintenance in most cases will keep your sewer line working for many more years


Roots In Sewer line

Rooter 911 specializing in all aspects of sewer and drain

cleaning, from cutting out roots in your sewer line to

hydro jetting A bad muck line I also have a sewer line

camera to see up to 150 ft down your sewer line to see cracks or breaks or roots left  behind.

Rooter 911 also carries root killing foam to treat and kill

roots for up to a year helping to prolong the life of your sewer line

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Sewer & drain cleaning

TV Line Inspection

Hydro Jetting

Chemical Root Treatment

Line Locating

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